Medical AI Engineer/Researcher

Job Description

Recruitment Background

To prepare medical image datasets that can be immediately used for medical AI R&D, we need to (1) cooperate with medical facilities/physicians and (2) improve the quality of datasets.
Also, while utilizing the prepared datasets, we (3) contract-develop custom AI solutions.
You will work closely with CEO Kallis, an outstanding medical AI researcher (~1,000 paper citations), and CTO Honda, an experienced time-series AI developer, to conduct one of the following three things:

  1. Cooperation with medical facilities/physicians: Joint medical AI research and Medical AI community management
  2. Dataset quality improvement: Dataset pre-processing and Verification of dataset quality/quantity’s influence on AI learning
  3. Custom AI contract development: Drug discovery AI research and medical AI development

Job Summary

As a medical AI engineer/researcher at Callisto, you will be responsible for medical AI R&D, working with CEO Kallis and CTO Honda. We expect to hire one senior and two junior engineers/researchers (possibly more depending on the number of ongoing custom AI conract development projects).

Examples of Specific Tasks

<Cooperative work with medical facilities/physicians>

  • Joint medical AI research with medical facilities (mainly using radiological scans like MRI/CT)
    • AI research for diagnosis and paper writing
    • AI research for treatment and paper writing
  • Management of a community of physicians/AI experts to promote medical AI application, based on collaboration with in-house physicians
    • Holding seminars on medical AI
    • Holding medical AI case study meetings (studying the application of medical AI to the cases brought to the meeting)
    • Sharing the latest trends in medical AI

<Dataset quality improvement work>

  • Dataset pre-processing
    • Standardization of medical imaging data
    • Development of noise reduction AI on medical imaging data
    • Cooperation in software engineers’ planning/development of medical imaging data processing tools
    • Cooperation in medical facilities’ medical imaging data anonymization
  • Verification of dataset quality/quantity’s influence on AI, paper writing, etc.

<Custom AI development work>

  • Drug discovery AI contract research from pharma companies (mainly using pathological images, MRI, and CT)
    • AI-based toxicity/efficacy evaluation of anti-cancer drugs
    • AI-based histo-pathological evaluation in clinical trials
  • Medical AI contract development from medical device manufacturers and medical AI companies (using various medical images)
    • Contract development of part of medical AI products
    • Special-purpose medical AI development

Recommended Points

  • You will lead one or more medical AI research/development projects yourself, so you can work with a strong sense of ownership.
  • You can hone your technical skills in an environment with the latest AI technology enthusiasts, including CEO Kallis and CTO Honda (both have Ph.D. degrees in this field).
  • You can be supported for various activities to hone your AI skills, such as attending (medical) AI conferences, participating in Kaggle, and purchasing books.
  • You can publish papers in both international AI conferences (e.g., CVPR, KDD, AAAI, MICCAI) and medical journals.
  • Through medical AI research/development, you can contribute to improving the quality of healthcare, which has intrinsic value.

Application Qualifications

Essential Conditions

  • At least 3 years of experience with deep learning frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras) *3 years are required only for senior engineers/researchers. Juniors may only have experience
  • At least 3 years of experience in medical imaging AI research/development *required only for seniors
  • Ability to conduct computer vision paper survey, paper implementation, optimization, and acceleration *required only for seniors
  • To be able to take the initiative in acquiring and sharing necessary knowledge
  • To be able to ask questions and express opinions without hesitation
  • Strong affinity for Callisto’s Vision and Mission

Preferred Conditions

  • Experience in development using C/C++
  • Master or higher in Kaggle
  • Master’s/Ph.D. degree related to mathematics, computer science, or medicine
  • Business-level English skills

Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Position: Medical AI engineer/researcher
  • Employment Status: Full-time employee
  • Salary: 7-10 million yen (for seniors) 4-6 million yen (for juniors) *Trial period: 3 months (no difference in salary and benefits during trial period)
  • Vacations
    • Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays
    • Summer vacation (3 days from June to November)
    • Paid vacations (10 days granted after 6 months of employment *in accordance with legal requirements)
    • Celebration or condolence leave
    • Menstrual leave (maximum: 1 day per month)
  • Treatment and Benefits
    • Choice of work style every 6 months: Type O (come to work at least 3 times a week) or Type R (free to come to work)
    • Flextime system (core hours: 13:00-17:00)
    • Various types of social insurance
    • Transportation subsidy
    • 1,000 yen subsidy for lunch (on working days only)
    • Subsidy for wedding, funeral, and ceremonial expenses
    • Subsidy for attending conferences, workshops, and seminars
    • Subsidy for purchasing books
    • Stock option plan (currently under design)
    • PC rental (Mac/Windows)
    • Free drinks
  • Selection Process: (Casual interview →) Application screening → 1st interview (CTO) → Final interview (CEO)
  • Inquiries:
    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to DM Kallis on Twitter (@tricksterkallis)